Friday, July 25, 2014

the mechanics of a wall ride

focusing on his craft
Benson is up and ready for the wall ride

 go time

Monday, July 14, 2014

Goony Birds trimmin

Goony Birds from PK on Vimeo.

Lucas films tour

our tour guide Robb, he skates and is an animator there!

I said don't stand there!

"yeah thats a sea anemone hat"

are you afraid of a ghost? 

just had to throw some gang signs here, and I realized we had the same expression in this photo,
Westershire Bloods!

Ok Michelle, you can have a photo with the alien

GG bridge top miniature with the real deal in the background

the posters speak for themselves, with original producers signature

run the storm troopers are coming

OG ET Kuwahara bmx

the model t-rex in the upcoming Jurrasic park movie

'Modern Residents' outtakes

'modern residents' outtakes from PK on Vimeo.