Thursday, August 28, 2014

Modern Residents


Friday, August 22, 2014

Bahram life party celebration in San Francisco

Its was a bitter sweet night at the Pizza Place last night. 
I put on this 'Life Party'  to celebrate a radical friend, Bahram Morid.
Last month Bahram's doctor gave him a WEEK TO LIVE, so after a month its a mini miracle he's still with us. Bahram's younger brother Dez was able to FaceTime with a Bahram from the Pizza Place to his house where he was awake and extremely happy to be able to see his party unfold. FaceTime is the best thing in the world for this reason. Thank you FaceTime.
Also want to thank Misty(Bahram's girlfriend), Bahram's family who are supporting him through this, all the people who made the effort to come to this event, Kevin & Cindy and the staff at the Pizza Place, Mike Crabtree-Greg HallAaron Hazelwood-Bahram Morid for bringing their art to the event.
You can purchase all these great art pieces all Sept, they will be up at the Pizza Place.
And last I'd like to thank George Rocha for raising money to build the 'Bahram Bank' in Golden Gate Park. Since Bahram was a world wide skatepark builder, it was only fitting that George constructs a skate bank for us the shred in honor of Bahram.

signed Iris board for Bahram

Max and Rodney hang in tough

Misty and myself with the special gift for Bahram

Monday, August 4, 2014

Party for Bahram August 21st San Francisco

I put on a positive mental attitude party for Bahram.
I have a Super-8 film premiering called 'MODERN RESIDENTS' as well as another art
film shot on 16mm called 'SURFLINE' my friend Lou Lopez shot at Ocean Beach
in 1977.
Art by Greg Hall, Aaron Hazelwood, Pete Koff, Bahram Morid and Mike Crabtree.

Details on the flyer.

Come support Bahram with some positive mental attitude and the Pizza Place!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ice Man don't play games!

Chuck Liddell is done, now with the new Ice Man! This one skates.
photos: Koff
one less mannequin

Benson looks dazed, maybe he got hit? nope

slide fake over the thing

Iceman set up to get down, meanwhile Benson is already down

slide to fake over the head leg

two less mannequins


 Shot on Saturday August 3rd by Pete Koff.
I was at the rite place at the rite time. So stoked to have my good camera with me by chance. I love birdwatching in my neighborhood. My friend Matt said,"dude get over her now, 45th and Quintara...."