Monday, August 24, 2015

No Use For A Name last show in San Francisco!

Matt in tilt mode

Dave and Matt rocking together again

El Hefe singing for Sly

Matt and Joey

epic crowd situation

Krinock after Feeding The Fire
this was an amazing event, the history of No Use For A Name wrapping up in San Francisco Aug 23 2015, from their conception in 1986. This is only the backstage photos. I just shot video of the performance -Coming soon in a documentary near you.
Beale and Bones
McCaw Irwin Janet
Beale and Floyd
theres 'the List' guy!
my dad stepmom and brother back stage goodtimes havin'
El Hefe is good
Fat Mike telling Hefe to grab the trumpet
George and Tammy holding in down at the Parkside
Limo the man. He was doing the robot dance for most of NOFX set.
I guess thats what they pay him for.
Rory and Chris talkin old times
Can you believe this is in front of the Parkside bar?!
There's like 3,000 people chanting No Use, No Use...

Rory setting up with help from roadmasters Limo, Krinock and Radinski

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last No Use show in San Francisco

Rory talks about upcoming show Aug 23rd 2015
the last No Use Show ever

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Moish's Consolidated Ad

Man it was sad to hear of Moish's passing in his sleep on Saturday. I was lucky enough to call him a friend. I met him At Bro Prints in 1995 and ended up making this Consolidated ad in 1997 with Moish Arron Bro Clark and Dave Nelson I thought up the idea as I was driving over Hwy 17, told them my idea and it was on. The best part was I wanted Moish to were a wrestling outfit, which he actually just happened to have!!! I was like holly shit, you just happened to have a fucking wrestling outfit? And the rest we just impromptu and this is what we ended up with. I just recently showed Birdo the ad, he had never seen the video until recently, he was very stoked on it.

Consolidated Tough 1997 ad from PK on Vimeo.

Moish, Bro, Dave Nelson.
Shot/Directed by Pete Koff

Monday, July 27, 2015

17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam Results

17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl Jam Results

Tim Brauch Bowl 2015Over the weekend the 17th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Bowl event brought together many young and rising ams, and veteran pros alike all in the name of fun and great skateboarding. Many of the amateurs made an impressive showing and gave rise to a new groundswell of talent with Josh Rodriguez and Steve Caballero taking the top spots in the Pro and Masters divisions respectively. Drop by theWorld Cup Skateboarding site for complete results and a recap of the action soon.
Final Results
1. Joshua Rodriguez – $1500
2. Nick Wallace – $750
3. Daniel Cuervo – $500
4. Zion O’Friel – $300
5. Willy Lara – $200
1. Steve Caballero – $1,500
2. Lester Kasai – $750
3. Mitchell Mendez – $500
4. Jed Fuller – $300
5. Pat Black – $200
Pro Women
1. Julz Lyn – $1,000
2. Arianna Carmona – $650
3. Autumn Tust – $400
4. Pauline Branom – $300
5. Katherine Folsom – $200
15 & Over
1. Griffin Chase
2. Lois “Bobo” Kuamo’o
3. Jeromy Green
14 & Under
1. Kiko Francisco
2. Tate Carew
3. Jack Winburn
15 & Over Girls
1. Poppy Starr Olsen
2. Jordyn Barratt
3. Kayla Caballero
14 & Under Girls
1. Brighton Zeuner
2. Spencer Breaux
3. Bryce Wettstein
Tim Brauch Spirit Award
Matt Boyster, who dropped into the monolith wall again!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

the Gears! July 9 seriously good music....

This feature length documentary tells the story of 1970’s punk band The Gears – in their own words.
Rising as young boys and friends in North East Los Angeles these musicians self styled an infectious brand of surf/rockabilly/punk, which they still play today. “Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo” chronicles singer Axxel G. Reese and The Gears’ history in amazing detail, while allowing their stream-of-consciousness interviews to play out.
Great archival footage and photos of this overlooked band, includes a wide variety of neighborhood contributors along the way- a rare event in the rock doc genre.
Interviews with Freddie Cannon (Legendary rock singer), Mike Watt (Minutemen), Johnny Stingray (The Controllers/Kaos), Billy Bones (The Skulls), Steve Metz (Mad Society) Miss Mercy (GTO’s) and East L.A. born artist Richard Duardo and watch for snippets of animation from low brow genius Kalynn Campbell. Heartfelt and respectful. Don’t miss it.
Directed by Chris Ashford, 95 min, 2015.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015